Every weekend in the Fall and Winter of 2018, I filmed hours upon hours of interviews with my parents in their separate homes, asking them questions about their upbringings with the goal of learning what formed their morals and approaches to caregiving. From our conversations, I learned about a lot of their unresolved childhood traumas and from that I was able to form an understanding and forgiveness for the mistakes made in my and my sister's upbringings.
I promise to make a full film with those 40 hours of interviews at some point in the future, but for now here's the film I made as a result of this process and forgiveness. It didn't happen on purpose, but I realized after finishing my rough draft that I'd brought my family back together after 16 years of separation in this short film. So thats what inspired the title––with heavy emphasis on "My."
If you decide to make a similar film and share it publicly, please send me info for how I can see and support it!

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