Over the course of two months, Atomized Studios entrusted me to remote produce and direct this promotional piece for Founders Factory Africa. FFA is a non-profit that incubates socially impactful start-ups across the African continent. The goal of this film was to highlight five of their start-up companies doing incredible work to unify and grow Africa whether that's through empowering remote farmers to participate in grander, more reliable food distribution networks, or creating tools for mom and pop merchants to operate their small businesses more efficiently and scale if desired, or by developing artificial intelligence that can analyze x-rays and diagnose thousands more patients per minute in the midst of a crippling radiologist shortage.
We wanted the entrepreneurs to participate in the creation of this film to allow a more honest perspective into their worlds, so Atomized Studios and I designed and shipped camera kits to all the participants. I also hired and coordinated with local professional camera operators to film with the same kits following shot lists I put together, as well as found talented drone operators who were willing to attempt my crazy shot idea: to fly their drones backwards out the entrepreneurs' office windows and up into the air revealing their respective cities to show the scale of impact these entrepreneurs have.
This project tested me as a producer, allowing me to utilize my many years in concept through delivery documentary and narrative filmmaking while helping me grow as a commercial director. I can't explain in words the joy I felt each time we received footage from every shoot that took tremendous amounts of planning and research.
I hope you enjoy the magic the entrepreneurs, the local film crews, the Atomized team, and myself created together.
A special thanks to
Founders Factory Africa
Envisionit DeepAI
Standard Bank
Atomized Studios
And the local film crews

Crew by Location:
Accra, Ghana
Timothy Edzeani Doh - Camera Operator
Kirrick Nartey - Drone Operator

Lagos, Nigeria
Tseyinmi Omatseye - Camera Operator
FuturisticWorks - Drone Operator

Joburg, South Africa
Jonathan Crawford - Camera and Drone Operator
Dan Teffo - Camera and Drone Operator

Columbus, Ohio, USA
Tim Hansberry - Editor and Colorist

New York City, USA
Jake Evans - Executive Producer
Ray Foley - Executive Producer
Elmo King - Producer and Director
Julissa Y. Ramirez - Assistant Producer

London, UK
Zad Rogers - Founding Director at Atomized Studios

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